Seniors Exercise Programs

The best medicine is FUN!


There is endless medical proof that exercise and mental stimulation have a very positive effect on our health.  Maybe the Ancient Greeks had it right. Epicurus wrote, “Of all the things that wisdom provides to help one live one’s entire life in happiness, the greatest by far is the possession of friendship.”  Epicurus believed that what he called “pleasure” is the greatest good, but the way to attain such pleasure is to live modestly and to gain knowledge of the workings of the world and the limits of one’s desires. This led one to attain a state of tranquility and freedom from fear, as well as absence of bodily pain.  Plato wrote: “Man is made God’s plaything and that is the best part of him. … What, then, is the right way of living? Life must be lived as play.”


Life is best lived through sharing and being part of a community so start enjoying yourself!.  Explore some of the options available in Charlotte (or right from your home) below:


Find classes, exercise programs and recreational groups designed specifically for older adults at the following locations:



Jewish Community Center

Senior Centers

Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi and Exercise programs

Levine Senior Center

South Charlotte Banquet Center Bingo

Silver Sneakers Fitness Program

Bridge Clubs

Senior Groups at local churches (See your church directory or bulletin)



Brain Training Programs

Posit Science Brain Training program (If there’s a brain photo in Istock, that can be inserted by this link)



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