Assisted living

If your loved one needs social opportunity but also needs some supervision or medical care availability, assisted living is a good choice. Nurses are usually on site 7 days/week and on call when not in the building. Medication techs and nurse aides are on site 24/7. Meals, utilities, activities and communication with your loved ones doctors are standard. Assisted Living will generally start just under $3000/month for a private room. Costs increase based on the amount of care needed and the size of the apartment. The average cost for someone who needs medications administered, assistance with bathing and assistance with dressing will be about $4000/month but pricing can vary widely. Some communities accommodate wheelchairs and scooters, others will not. Some will offer specialized dementia care, catheter care and oxygen. On site nurses will vary from community to community, as well. Many will be able to accommodate a high level of care as needs increase but others will focus on more active residents. Community sizes can range from a small group of residents to well over 100. Secure areas are provided for advanced dementia by some. Some provide physician visits on site and others transport residents to their own health care providers.